Another year winding down...

Walls across the world crumbled and borders faded, a new world was born… the world wide web, today simply know as the “net”. It was a powerful new way to communicate, and this exciting new world became heaven for advertisers and communication specialist. New pages and “walls” were created and “platforms” for sharing were erected, and they were used to share information, pictures, videos and much more. The savvy advertisers figured out that by putting up walls for the brands that they managed and creating interesting stories people would also like and share that content, while at the same sneakily promoting these brands. Brands and products have evolved their communication and relied more heavily on the “net” and have in time realised that a big part of their marketing budget should be dedicated to this medium that continues to grow, and evolve every minute.

As we look forward to a new year of advertising we can't help wonder what it will bring to our industry. Keeping up with the trend is what is viral, and understanding how these trends affect us as communication specialists is key. The stories that we tell about our brands will be the future's writing on the wall.

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